Lowell: Portrait of a Creative City

Paul posted this video from the Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council on Facebook earlier today. I hadn’t seen the video, which was uploaded to YouTube by the Council back in September:

2 thoughts on “Lowell: Portrait of a Creative City”

  1. Very interesting to watch this video from MVEDC after watching the Pat Mogan and Human Services Corp videos posted in the past couple of days. To see the visioning and planning process in capsule form and then to see what is happening today is encouraging.

  2. Nice video. Although maybe not the intent of the video, it conveys the great architecture of the City as it skips through the various venues.

    The development of the art community brings a new strength to the City. But the Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council has to broaden its efforts beyond that. UML can be the catalyst for creative efforts that also generate wealth, and those additional efforts will be very complementary with the art community. The art community generates a sense of quality of life that should attract employees of start-up businesses, and those employees will strengthen the market for the artists.

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