Legendary Locals of Lowell: Index (Part I)

Yesterday I wrote about the upcoming March 11, 2013 publication of my book, Legendary Locals of Lowell, which is a history of the city told through pictures of its people. More information about the book including how to pre-order, where it will be sold locally, and dates of readings/signings are posted on our Legendary Locals page which has a link along the very top of this website.

The book contains 214 photographs; most are of individuals but there are a number of group shots. Listing everyone yielded a very long index. Over the next several days, I thought I’d publish installments of the index here to give readers a preview of who is included in the book. Here’s the first batch of names:

Abbott, Leon, 51
Abbott, Bob, 94
Alden, Richard, 47
Allen, Charles Herbert, 81
Anthes, George, 99
Appleton Mills, 22
Appleton, Nathan, 13
Appleton, William, 22
Aucella, Peter, 101
Ayer, Frederick Fanning, 36
Ayer, James Cook, 34, 35
Bacigalupo, Mary, 75
Baldwin, James, 27
Baldwin, Loammi, 16
Barrett, Frank, 97
Behrakis, George, 49
Bergamini, Angelo “Angie”, 114
Bigelow, Erastus, 23
Bon Marche, 49
Boott Cotton Mill, 31, 32
Boot, Kirk, 17
Boot, John Wright, 17
Boston and Lowell Railroad, 27
Boston Manufacturing Co, 12
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, 94
Braun, Carl Jr., 114
Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus, 124
Brissette, Norman, 87
Brooks, Gardner, 70
Brooks, Helen Mangan, 84
Brosnan, William, 64
Burke, Bob, 69
Burke Family, 54
Butler, Benjamin F., 79
Butler, Paul, 43
Byrne, Francis, 64
Cahill, John J., 64
Caragianes, Charles, 99
Carney, Edward, 76
Carney, James, 52

2 thoughts on “Legendary Locals of Lowell: Index (Part I)”

  1. …Bacigalupo, Behrakis, Burke family, Butler… looking forward to the publication on March 11 and the book-signing party on April 6th…

  2. I can’t wait for this book. What a great list of people and places just in this small sample of the index! I’ve always been particularly intrigued by Frank Barrett.

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