‘Merlot Line’: B’s Trivia

Okay, I’m a hockey fan, but I’m not a “heek” (a hockey geek). I’ve heard the TV play-by-play announcers refer to the “Merlot line” of Gregory Campbell, Daniel Paille, and Shawn Thornton, one of the Bruins’ supporting lines. What are they talking about, I wondered? I could have Googled the answer, but the question didn’t rise to the level of action. Today, reading a NYTimes article by Ben Strauss about Coach Claude Julien’s decision to shake up the offensive lines on Saturday night, I learned why “Merlot.” The name is a reference to the cranberry-colored jerseys worn by Campbell and line-mates during practices, which goes back two years. That ┬áis a deep cut from the album, but now I know—and you know, if anybody asks.


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