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Poetry as News

Poet Ezra Pound said, “Poetry [or literature] is news that stays news,” and the doctor-poet of Paterson, New Jersey, William Carlos Williams, believed that the news worthwhile receiving can be found in poems. Following is an excerpt from a long poem that includes Williams’s well known lines about poetry and…

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‘Marlborough Woods’

Marlborough Woods . Brown in their winter skins, they rise up, Lean pointers, borders of the wilderness. After January rain, glass branches rock, Melting and re-freezing as air shifts from fog to chill. Across the shelf of Mount Monadnock, Under a white flannel sun, Wind blows the snow like cold…

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‘Globe’ Raves About Lowell’s Culture & Canals

The article surfaced on the web yesterday, a  Boston Globe Travel section report on the vibrant cultural life in Lowell, a city whose historic sector carries the designation of The Canalway Cultural District, thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Quickly, the news story by writer Patricia Harris and photographer David Lyon…

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