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Chicago Lessons

Cloud Gate

I’m back from a family vacation in Chicago, Illinois, one of the great cities of the USA. It was my first visit to a city that I associate with Carl Sandburg, Barack Obama, Studs Terkel, Albert Halper, Poetry magazine (founded by Harriet Monroe and Alice Corbin), Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor, the Cubs…

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The Rich Get Richer

Here’s another news story about a fabulously wealthy donor giving a ton of money to a fabulously wealthy institution. A Wall Street titan and alumnus of Yale University, Stephen A. Schwarzman, contributed $150 million for a performing arts center that will be fashioned out of a set of extraordinary buildings on the campus. In reporting…

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Culture & Community

 “The most important thing a museum creates is an audience.”—Matthew Teitelbaum The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has a new director coming, Matthew Teitelbaum. Read about him and the cultural institution he led for 17 years, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), where he has shaped inspiring programs, exhibitions,…

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