America’s First Architect ~ H. H. Richardson

The beautiful pair of buildings – the City Hall and the Pollard Memorial Library – that anchor the intersect of Merrimack Street/Dutton Streets/Monument Square and up to Cardinal O’Connell Parkway represent a monumental style of architecture known as Richardsonian Romanesque. These buildings are the hub of much important civic and…

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Kitteridge Park Gazebo

Another Lowell picture and post from Amy Bisson: Located at the corner of Nesmith and Andover Streets, I first noticed this little park from my car. Originally named Washington Square Park, it was renamed for Captain Paul Kitteridge, a Lowell native who died during World War I. Here’s a link to details…

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Frederick Douglass and Lowell

The Boston Globe yesterday carried a story about the difficulties being encountered in erecting a statue in Boston honoring Frederick Douglass.  Born into slavery in 1818, Douglass later escaped to freedom and became one of America’s foremost abolitionists in the years before, during, and after the Civil War. Writing on…

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