‘Expo ’79: Art/Music’ from the Early Renaissance in Lowell

Here’s a throwback thing to the pioneer days of festival-making in Renaissance Lowell. This was “Expo ’79, Art/Music” at Lowell Memorial Auditorium. Lowell CityFair was part of the federal jobs program (imagine that) called C.E.T.A. (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) wherein a dozen or so Lowell artists were hired to…

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Lowell: A City of Monuments

Lowell is a city of Monuments. Some are prominent, like the Ladd & Whitney Monument in front of City Hall. Many others just blend into the background, their meaning and symbolism lost to time. This Saturday’s Lowell Walk will scrutinize the many monuments on the grounds and in the vicinity…

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Today is the 99th birthday of the National Park Service and is the beginning of a year-long celebration leading to the centennial celebration in 2016. As part of this anniversary observation, the National Park Service asks people to discover their parks, not only official National Parks but also urban parks,…

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