Lowell: The Next Initiative

Swamp Locks

Yesterday afternoon I joined 97 others at Mill No. 5’s Luna Theater for a presentation called “Lowell: The Next Initiative.” Organized and conducted by Fred Faust and Paul Marion of the Lowell Heritage Partnership in  cooperation with the City of Lowell and with substantial support from George Duncan. Here’s what this project…

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Lowell Week in Review: January 24, 2016

Merrimack Canal. Photo by Andrew Howe

Lighting Lowell’s Canals and More At Tuesday’s meeting, the city council authorized the expenditure of $110,000 on LED lights to illuminate the Merrimack Canal along Lucy Larcom Park. Here’s some of what was said during the council meeting: Manager Murphy says Lucy Larcom Park has been underutilized. Winterfest will be…

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The Arts in Lowell

An article in this morning’s Boston Globe (“Boston trails other cities in arts funding”) along with the blog post I wrote last night about the history of Lowell’s Brush Gallery got me thinking about the arts in Lowell. I define “arts” broadly. It includes painters and performers but also public…

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