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Rich Rants, But Praises UML-Bound Andrew Bacevich of B.U.

What to say about political and cultural commentator Frank Rich in today’s NYT? He’s on a tear against Left, Right, and Center. The only satisfaction he finds in our messed up world today is Jonathan Franzen’s new and already-blockbuster novel “Freedom,” which Rich says nails the psyche of the time like…

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From the Maddow Blog: ‘Me as Michael Dukakis’

I couldn’t resist the urge – this photo of  Rachel Maddow – fellow resident of Massachusetts – not  “in mufti” needs to be seen as “captioned.”  Maddow with her crew and NBC correspondent Richard Engel is  currently in Afghanistan where she will spend the next couple of days reporting in and from the field. The…

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