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‘Checking the Property’ — for Presidents’ Day

Here’s a hat tip to the climate-change demonstrators in Washington, D.C., who are speaking on behalf of the planet this holiday weekend. Lowelltown is as white tonight as the monuments in the capital city. I wrote this poem after a family trip to Washington in the summer of 2004. There…

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Dylan Is Like Moxie

Sitting among thousands of people at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell tonight, witnessing Bob Dylan and his band lifting up the audience with powerful renditions of his songs, I had a thought: Dylan is like Moxie. In performance, he has become a completely singular mixture for which you either have the taste…

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Bob Dylan in Lowell, November 1975

Poet Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan in Edson Cemetery (1975) [Photo by Ken Regan, courtesy of tangledupinlheurebleue.blogspot] Show flier for Rolling Thunder Revue at ULowell (1975) [Web photo courtesy of] At Kerouac’s grave in Edson Cemetery (1975) [Photo by Ken Regan] At Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Franco American School (1975)…

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