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Lincoln at Gettysburg ~ November 19, 1863

One hundred and fifty-two years ago, on Nov. 19, 1863, famed orator Edward Everett – who served as U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, the 15th Governor of Massachusetts, Minister to Great Britain, and United States Secretary of State, taught at Harvard University and served as its president – delivered a two-hour speech at the Gettysburg National…

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Pres. Obama Announces New National Park at Fort Monroe, Praises Civil War Gen. Benjamin Butler of Lowell

Lowell National Historical Park Supt. Michael Creasey and Asst. Supt. Peter Aucella have both called attention to the President Obama’s announcement of the newest National Park at Fort Monroe in Virginia, which mentions the historic decision by Lowell’s own General Benjamin F.  Butler to declare Southern slaves as contraband of war…

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King Cotton & CW

Cotton production is today’s topic in the Disunion series on Civil War history in the NYTimes. Frederick Law Olmsted shows up as a journalist rather than a landscape architect in this installment. Historian Susan Schulten of the University of Denver is today’s author. Read it here, and get the NYT…

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