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Creative Economy Central: UMass Lowell

From the UMass Lowell Public Affairs Office: UMass Lowell strengthened its reputation as a hot-spot for creative economy research in the state when all of its proposals seeking funding from the UMass President’s Creative Economy Initiative were approved this spring. Faculty from UMass Lowell scored big in the 2011 round of Creative Economy…

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Creative Economy Thought for the Week

Following is a quote from a former director of Canada’s national arts agency. I would differ slightly in saying what he did because artists don’t have a monopoly on dreaming or creativity. Engineers, scientists, teachers, nurses, detectives, parents, soldiers, public administrators—people in all positions in life, old and young, are capable of…

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‘Creative Challenge Index’ News from Hunter Higgs, LLC

“Dear Friends, “Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to adopt the Creative Challenge Index proposal – an initiative to raise the priority of creative work in our schools – when Governor Deval Patrick signed the Economic Development Reorganization bill into law this morning. We thank Governor Patrick for…

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