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The Contract to Rebuild America

I have a message for President Obama and the Democratic National Committee: Nationalize the 2014 Congressional elections coming in November by giving American voters a simple choice. ┬áStart by stealing a Republican idea, Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, which was announced six weeks before the 1994 mid-term election and is…

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Island in the News-Stream

One of our loyal readers and far-flung occasional correspondents, Ray LaPorte of Martha’s Vineyard, sent his reflections in anticipation of this summer’s Presidential visit to the island. Ray has been off shore for years, with his wife, Bernadette, following earlier life passages in Pawtucketville, Worcester, New York City, and Washington,…

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‘Checking the Property’ — for Presidents’ Day

Here’s a hat tip to the climate-change demonstrators in Washington, D.C., who are speaking on behalf of the planet this holiday weekend. Lowelltown is as white tonight as the monuments in the capital city. I wrote this poem after a family trip to Washington in the summer of 2004. There…

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